The Presidents Cup 2019

Awarded by Kay Reid, President 2019

It is a great honour to be able to recognise the significant contribution to our breed and this Club to an individual by being able to award the President’s cup. I have thought long and hard about who should receive it for 2019 as there are so many people who work tirelessly for the breed that picking just one person has been very difficult – I wish I could have given 10 awards and that still would not have been enough! This year I would like to recognise the contribution to not only the BGSC but to Gordon  Setters as a breed in general by awarding the cup to somebody who has served this Club over many years both as an Officer and a committee member, and who has always put the interests of our lovely breed first by breeding top quality stock, striving to eradicate health problems from their lines and introducing new blood lines to widen the Gene Pool. Always more than happy to offer help and advice to anyone who asks, and so welcoming to novices and beginners in our breed, encouraging and mentoring them whenever help is requested. I can honestly say that if we all look at our Gordon Setters pedigrees, somewhere along the line there will be a dog of this person’s breeding in the pedigree, even if we have to go back more than 5 generations!

It is therefore my privilege and honour to award the Presidents Cup to Maureen Justice of the Liric kennels.

Maureen Justice, Liric Kennels