Puppy Buyers Guide

To assist anyone looking for a Gordon Setter, and to aid finding an ethical breeder we have produced the following guide. This guide is free and available for any Gordon breeders to use and share.

Gordon Setter owners and breeders are more than happy to help you to decide if a Gordon Setter is the right breed for you. As with any breed it is best to really work out whether you, your family and your lifestyle could incorporate a Gordon Setter into your life and home.

A Gordon Setter can live up to 14 years and beyond and love being part of the family, including living within the family home, they are independent but loyal and their breed was developed to cover ground in search of birds; however they can with patience, understanding and love make excellent town dogs. There are many activities that you can get involved in with your Gordon Setter including Showing (think Crufts); Agility (jumping), Obedience (precision control), Field Trials (searching for birds) and many other dog activities.

BGSC Puppy Buyers Guide 2022


Please see website for BGSC Puppy List https://britishgordonsetterclub.co.uk/the-british-gordon…

Other Information can be found on the Kennel Club’s site https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/getting-a-dog/buying-a-dog/

Remember any puppy is for life and they grow into adult dogs very fast.