Puppy Buyers Guide

To assist anyone looking for a Gordon Setter, and to aid finding an ethical breeder we have produced the following guide. This guide is free and available for any Gordon breeders to use and share. There are too many people who will take advantage of these strange times; either by an increased price or worse scamming potential buyers, as recently seen in the Netherlands.

Sadly during COVID there has been an unprecedented puppy boom across many breeds. This has not in most cases been for the right reasons or of benefit to those puppies. Gordon Setters, as yet, have not reached the demand seen in many other breeds, and we are lucky the vast majority of Gordon breeders are true to our breed and not just ‘in it’ for money.

BGSC Puppy Buyers Guide 2022


Sharing these guidelines will also hopefully enlighten those looking for a puppy to what is usual and acceptable practice – and hopefully avoid anyone falling for the marketing ploys of so-called Greeders. Reputable breeders with KC registered puppies do not charge an overly increased price. We urge buyers to carry out research on any Gordon Setter breeder advertising puppies. If looking for a puppy, please read our Guide and contact any of the breed Puppy List Co-ordinators who will be very happy to help in your search and assist in any questions you may have.

Please see website for BGSC Puppy List http://britishgordonsetterclub.co.uk/the-british-gordon…

Other Information can be found on the Kennel Club’s site https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/getting-a-dog/buying-a-dog/

Remember a Gordon Setter can live up to 14 years and beyond, so please make sure they are the right breed for you.

Remember any puppy is for life not just lockdown