Auction – ENDED


Thank you to everyone who took part in our auction I am pleased to say we raised a whopping Β£470.00.

Winning bidders have been contacted by email – please contact me if not received.

Congratulations those who were successful as follows:

Lot 75 and Lot 84 – Mrs J Wood
Lot 88 – Brad Hurrell
Lot 78 – Jane Cuthbertson

Lot 76 did not receive any bids and the committee will be discussing the next course of action for this lovely picture.

Thank you again


For auction we have 5 beautiful framed Gordon Setter prints, kindly donated by Linda Runeckles.  All funds raised will go towards our 95th Anniversary year celebrations.

These are stunning prints and would make an ideal Christmas present for someone.

The auction is live with immediate effect and all bids will be secret until the closing date of 5th December 2019.  The highest bidder will WIN!
Please send bids by email to please include your name, bid and lot number you are bidding on.  For example:

Gordon Setter Print Auction
Name: Mrs R Horler
Bid: Β£99
Lot Number: 075

Please note there is a minimum bid noted against the prints.

Bids will not include postage and packaging and ideally, due to the weight, I can deliver to you at LKA or we can look at alternatives – they are not light so delivery at a show preferred.

Winning bidders will be confirmed and notified on or around 7th December.
If you have any queries please contact Rachel Horler –

Happy Bidding

Lot Number 75 – “Gordon Setter Composite”

Large RARE PRINT by Mick Cawston – Limited print number 97/850 published by Sally Mitchell in 1990 and signed by artist
Size including frame 83cm x 66cm – in good condition
Due to it’s rarity Starting bid Β£50.00

Truly stunning print in my opinion! This print has been unavailable for many years.

Mick Cawston was one of the world’s finest dog painters who passed away at the age of 47.

Lot Number 88 – “The Gordon Setter”

by Steven Nesbitt ’92 – Limited print number 26/250 signed
Size including frame 46cm x 36cm – in good condition
Starting bid Β£15.00

Stunning print by Steven Nesbitt
Steve is a British artist who specialises in dogs and in particular the more unusual breeds. A popular artist in canine art.

Lot Number 78

by Richard Ansdell “A Family of Gordon Setters”
Size including frame 60cm x 50cm – in good condition
Starting bid Β£10.00

Richard Ansdell RA (11 May 1815 – 20 April 1885) was an English oil painter of animals and genre scenes. 

Lovely print of puppies and mum

Lot Number 84 Head study Gordon Setter

Another stunning picture by Mick Cawston (Limited edition print number 738/850 signed
Size including frame 40cm x 34cm – in good condition (a few very minor marks inside frame)
Starting bid Β£15.00 – Note: now out of print

Lot Number 76 Head study Gordon Setter

by John Lewis Fitzgerald (Limited edition print number 57/500)
Size including frame 40cm x 34cm – note some water marks on the print both sides
Starting bid Β£10.00

John Lewis Fitzgerald is a British Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1945.